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The Freecast

Oct 10, 2016

Featuring: Host Matt Carano, Rodger Paxton, Mike Vine and Nick Boyle

Producer: Rodger Paxton

Editor: Matt Carano


  • Rochester launches new program to fight opioid epidemic
  • Portsmouth to explore allowing more food trucks in the city
  • NH AG’s office releases names of NH lawmakers former rep Kyle Tasker sold drugs to.
    • Kyle Tasker, among other things was charged with selling drugs to other members of the NH House
    • No charges will be filed.
    • Several of which used online applications like FB to communicate and transact (stupid)
    • The Attorney General conducted interviews with all parties except one who died in June. Feel free to read the NH 1 article in the show notes, as well as their conversations with the AG. These reps include Pamela Tucker, Amanda Bolden, Joseph Lachance, and Ted Wright.
    • Broadly, I’m wondering why any of them would say anything. Probably in exchange for amnesty, but what did the AG really have one them? Some online communication perhaps. But unless they could track the money, or witnessed the sale, I’m wondering why they said anything at all.
    • I’m disappointed any liberty minded reps would participate so fully. Perhaps there are circumstances beyond my knowledge, and if so, I’m free to change my mind later. At first read, dissapointed. Bouldin and Lachance were pretty detailed in discussing their interactions with Tasker, Bouldin naming Pamela Tucker as someone who she knew purchased drugs from Tasker. Lachance quite forthright about details of his purchases, as well as Tasker’s operation.
    • Pamela Tucker is a complete hypocrite. Her official position is against marijuana use. So it’s ok to lock peaceful people up for using a plant, but she gets away with it because of her privileged position.
    • Of the four it’s pretty easy to have compassion for Ted Wright, whose wife battled cancer and used marijuana to suppress the terrible side affects of her treatment.
  • Praxeum Free Market day recap



Local happenings

  • NH film festival
    • New Hampshire’s 16th annual film festival will be in Portsmouth October 13th-16th
    • NHFF ranked in the top 50 films festivals in the world
    • Venues have yet to be released, Last year’s venues were The music hall, The music hall loft, Moffatt-Ladd house and the 3S Artspace
    • At this year’s festival there are nearly 100 films
    • VIP passes $200 (Premium and advanced seating at every screening at every venue throughout the 4 day event [as long as patrons arrive 15 minutes before scheduled screening time] priority entrance to all ceremonies and parties including the VIP Brunch at the One Hundred Club. Admission into all panels and workshops.)
    • Weekend pass $75 (Entrance to every screening at every venue for all 4 days, entrance to all ceremonies and parties excluding the VIP brunch at the One Hundred Club. Admission into all panels and workshops. Seating at screenings and entrance to ceremonies, parties, and panels are on a space available basis.)
    • Daily passes, $20 For thursday , $35 Friday-Sunday


Philosophy of Liberty 

  • Democracy ≠ Freedom: Which one do we really want?


Seacoast History 

  • Behind the Name:
    • Placenames are surprisingly sticky. Almost all names aren’t original, they come from one place or another
    • Rockingham County: Named after Charles Watson-Wentworth 2nd Marquess of Rockingham. He was Prime minister from 1765-66 tried to repeal the Stamp Act while PM. He was leader of the opposition for the following 12 years and was a staunch supporter of constitutional rights for the colonists. In a latter he wrote, "I fear indeed the future struggles of the people in defence of their Constitutional Rights will grow weaker and weaker. It is much too probable that the power and influence of the Crown will increase rapidly. We live at the period when for the first time since the Revolution, the power and influence of the Crown is held out, as the main and chief and only support of Government. If not exert now, we may accelerate the abject state to which the Constitution may be reduced"
    • Strafford County: Named after William Wentworth, 2nd Earl of Strafford. Erroneously named because it was thought that he was an ancestor of NH Governor John Wentworth 1767-1775. Strafford died childless.
    • Portsmouth: Named after the city in Hampshire, England. Which was the port where NH colony founder John Mason had been captain.
    • Hampshire is named after the town of Hampton which later became Southampton, Hampshire, England (to distinguish from Northampton)
    • Dover: Named after Robert Dover in 1637 by second NH governor George Burdett. Dover was a lawyer who resisted Puritanism, Burdett was episcopalian and as we’ve discussed before NH wasn’t puritan like Plymouth Colony.
    • Rochester: Named by Massachusetts and NH Governor Samuel Shute for his friend Laurence Hyde, 1st Earl of Rochester brother-in-law to King James II
      • Gonic: Short for Squamanagonic. Abenaki for “water of the clay place hill”
    • Somersworth: Named originally Summersworth like the season because it was a place where ministers would preach in the summer. When it was incorporated in 1754 a clerical error caused the current spelling
    • Exeter: Named by John Wheelwright after Exeter, Devon
    • Piscataqua: Abenaki from the roots Peske(branching) tegwe(strong tidal river).
    • Cochecho River: Abenaki for rapid foaming water. Relating to the falls at Dover. Cocheco Manufacturing Company incorporated in 1827 also had a clerical error removing the final h when they were incorporated. Most people now pronounce it Co-chee-co now.

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