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Dec 27, 2017

The Future Is Here & Cord Is Back! Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Cord Blomquist Engineered by: Matt Carano Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle Show Summary: US life expectancy drops. Bitcoin billionaire ballad. Cronies crack down on e-bikes in NYC. Amazing human advances in 2017. And, Cord makes his return. News US life expectancy decreases for the second year in a row. Bitcoin Billionaire Vietnam unveils 10,000 strong cyber unit to combat “wrong views” NYC Mayor DeBlasio cracks down on E Bikes 2017 Was a Year of Amazing Advances For Humanity 12 Days of Dash-mas Special Segment Concord and Discord Events Boardgame Bonanza at the Prax Dec 30th 6-12 Praxeum 2.0 Fundraiser drive The Big Question Last week's question: Environment protections. @freecastpod cast and we’ll read the best ones next week!

Dec 20, 2017

Bitcoin Bubble and Indecency Bananas Show Summary: Net neutrality gone for good, Banana debauchery in Egypt, France says “Non” to WhatsApp, Elon Musk saves lives. And we analyze the bitcoin boom. Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle Engineered by: Matt Carano Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle  News FCC repeals net neutrality, what will states do? (Mike) Banana sucking pop singer jailed for sexually suggestive video (Matt) France gives Whats App a month to stop sharing metadata with Facebook (Nick) UPS is Tesla’s latest electric semi-truck customer (Mike) Dog owner uses lethal force to break up dog fight (Matt) GOP Tax Plan (Mike) Events Dash Meetup Dec 20th at Liar’s Bench in Portsmouth Board Games at the Praxeum - Saturday, Dec 30th at 5pm Bitcoin Meetup | Martingale Wharf - Tuesday, Jan 2nd 2018 at 6pm MVP Meetup - Saturday Jan 6th 2018 at 11:30am at Murphy's Taproom Special Segment Monte Crypto Segment Quote of the Week "According to an analysis from the Tax Foundation, a few states with the lowest local taxes include portions of Alaska, New Hampshire and Texas. May we suggest New Hampshire? It has lovely mountains." -NYT Praxeum 2.0 Fundraiser drive The Big Question Last week's question: What is the best way to keep bad actors out of your liberty community? This week's question: From anonymous. “I was wondering what you guys thought of environmental changes that affect the future generation. In the podcast you’re suggesting filing a lawsuit against who wronged you is the method of control, but how can you find peace when they are no longer available? For example if no guidelines are in place for fishing or hunting and the population of bass or deer is wiped out how can the next generation who is now influenced find peace. Or if a transfer station is not utilized and a new homeowner finds tons of trash buried, oil leached, or pesticides on their land, how can the future stewards of the land deal with the mess. Although guidelines of how to dispose of waste or not over harvest are useful, if you look at the guidelines that adults should have 1800-2000 kcals/day how many Walmart shoppers are listening to that? Send us an Answer @freecastpodcast and we’ll read the best ones next week!

Dec 13, 2017

Cryptro-Craigslist and Penta -funds-are-gon Show Summary: Craigslist gives crypto option. CNN humiliated. American Express to remove signature requirement. Pentagon can’t keep track of trillions of dollars and thousands of soldiers. Philly steps toward banning bulletproof glass in shops. State sovereignty threatened by the Feds. Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano and Nick Boyle Engineered by: Matt Carano Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle News Craigslist adds crypto ok button CNN humiliated American Express customers will need no signature soon Pentagon Audit Philly pushes through bulletproof glass ban State sovereignty threatened by the Feds Events Seacoast Liberty Meetup this week is in Exeter 6 PM Thursday. Board game night, Saturday Dec 30th, 5-12 Midnight at the Prax. The Big Question Last week's question: What percentage of your life should you give to the “cause”? This week's question: What is the best way to keep bad actors out of your liberty community

Dec 7, 2017

Pot Cannon & Saving the Environment Show summary: SCOTUS allows travel ban. TSA packs a gun for lunch. US Senate trying to make sure it knows every transaction you're doing. Vermin Supreme sues Concord. Pot cannon at the border. Panhandler gets settlement. Free market environmentalism. Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle Engineered by: Matt Carano Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle  News Travel ban passes SCOTUS (Nick) TSA packs a lunch (Matt) US Senate Bill would criminalize concealed ownership of cryptocurrency (Mike) Vermin supreme sues City of Concord (Nick) Pot cannon (Mike) Panhandler (Mike) Free State Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference Recap (Matt) Events Board Game NIght Dec 30 5-12 (Nick) Don’t forget Thursdays Meetup Special Segment Free market environmentalism (Mike) Praxeum 2.0 Fundraiser drive The Big Question Last week's question: Does culture follow politics or does politics follow culture? (Nick) Rodger: Politics almost always lags behind culture. Two cases in point: gay marriage and marijuana legalization. Harrison: Aside from the civil rights act (which as usual the Fed gov still screwed up on, but that's a different topic) I don't think there has been a time in the last century where politics didn't lag behind culture. This week's question: What percentage of your life should you give to the cause? (Nick)

Nov 29, 2017

Show Title: Net Neutrality & The World's Blockchain Hub Is Portsmouth NH Show summary: Net neutrality should go. Airbnb is a no go in Portsmouth. US government uses $17 million of taxpayer money to silence accusers of misconduct. NH man makes a marvelous recovery. Jasper is no longer speaker. Health insurance options are discussed as the open enrollment window closes. Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle Engineered by: Matt Carano Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle News Net neutrality (Mike) Airbnb (Matt) US Government Settlements (Nick) In past 20 years, $17 million taxpayer dollars in total have been spent on 264 settlements Conyers was accused of firing worker for refusing to succumb to his sexual advances Conyers settlement ordered that the accuser remain quiet NH man dies, revived (Matt) Jasper becomes new Agriculture Commissioner even though 2 republicans voted nay (Nick) Breaking News: Gene Chandler of Bartlett becomes speaker nominee of NH House (Nick) 116-80 vote on second ballot Previous speaker in 2001-2004 3 NH Libertarians nominated Speaker Jim McConnell (R) Homelessness on the seacoast (Mike) Portsmouth NH #1 bitcoin friendly community in the world(Nick)(Brief mention) Bittersweet news, woman with gun from glove box has job reinstated. (Brief Update)(Matt) After recount my vote didn’t count (Nick)(Brief Update) Ended up being a tie and a tie means no keno Events Lakes Region Porcupines are running their toy drive for a 4th year helping kids from all over NH with 100% all funds going right to kids gifts. Monetary donations can be made to or Blockchain conference 12/1/17 Enlightenment 12/21/17 Health Insurance Buying Guide 2018 Venture Capitalist La Cascade du Chocolat QOTW “if #NetNeutrality helps little guys compete with internet giants, why are internet giants for net neutrality? Asking for a friend.” - Rep. Thomas Massie, KY 4th district. The Big Question Last week’s question: How can one be a voluntarist in practice, attempting to ignore the state, when the state has no problem finding you and encroaching upon you? Carol: Voluntarism for me is broader than just how I interact with the state. Professionally -- communicate goals to co-workers, get their input on how to achieve the necessary goal. Many people find they get more buy-in from colleagues if they feel they have a say in what they do, than when they are simply told what to do. Interpersonally -- build voluntary relationships with friends and loved ones. My mother is in her 80s, her boyfriend is in his 90s. I described them to my BF as "my mom and her companion". His face lit up and he said "I like that! Companion! It’s a word that describes two people who are together strictly because they WANT to be together." With the state, there are many options for voluntary participation: - Volunteer fire departments - Volunteer EMS responders - Supporting voluntary decisions, such as private trash pickup instead of municipal trash pickup. Have the residents decide whether they want to haul their trash to the dump, or pay someone to take it away. - Volunteering to maintain parklands -- NH State Parks is self-supporting -- they take NO money from the general fund, and 90% of trail work is done by volunteers Voluntarism only works when people execute on their promise to work for a goal. By volunteering to support our community, we demonstrate to our neighbors, and the state, how voluntarism can work - and it often works very well. Success begets success -- successful voluntary participation in the world around is will spawn more opportunities for voluntary participation in other aspects of this world. Next week’s question: Does culture follow politics or does politics follow culture? Send us an Answer to @freecastpodcast and we’ll read the best ones next week! Praxeum 2.0 Fundraiser drive

Nov 22, 2017

Antitrust Smacks Of Cronyism On this episode; The Justice Department sues to block AT&T, Time Warner merger. Amazon takes over mail delivery Less democracy would help Congress avoid more Roy Moore debacles. Portsmouth , NH uses the State Liquor Dept to ban dancing. And, special guest BJ Mumford discusses peaceful coaching. Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle Engineered by: Matt Carano Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle  News Justice Dept sues to block ATT Time Warner Merger (Mike) Your New Mailman Works For Amazon (Matt) How Politics and bad decisions starved NY Subway To avoid debacles like Roy Moore, Repeal the 17th (Mike) No Dancing at the goat Quote of the week: “Enjoy the music, but for God’s sake don’t move.” - Jonathan Flagg, attorney for The Goat ownerz Al Fleury Special Guest: BJ Mumford - Peaceful coaching Events Freestate Blockchain Digital Asset Conference Dec 1 Portsmouth December 1st in Portsmouth Tickets are still on Sale Jonathan Johnson of Medici Ventures (Overstock), Bruce Fenton, Matt, Darren Tapp Feast Of The Freecoast this Friday Praxeum 2.0 Fundraiser drive Social media Question of the week: “How can one be a voluntarist in practice, attempting to ignore the state, when the state has no problem finding you and encroaching upon you? E.g. homeschooling as if the state does not exist, but the state can "revoke your privilege" to homeschool if you don't jump through their hoops. And if you do not obey the revokation, they can take away your children.” -Ken Justice Send us an Answer to and we’ll read the best ones next week!

Nov 15, 2017

Show Title: Think And Grow Rich On this episode; foreign wars since 2001 cost taxpayers 5.6 Trillion. Rand Paul’s attacker is outed as a socialist. Homeschooling under threat in NH. How to invest in cryptocurrencies for beginners. And, is China going to take over the world? Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle Special guest: Chris Rockwell Engineered by: Matt Carano Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle News Foreign wars cost 5.6 TRILLION since 2001 (Matt) USA today says feeding a family of four costs an average of $239 a week in 2013 In that time that 5.6 trillion could have fed 28,162,214 families of 4. Or 112 million people 64,367 Dover High Schools (cost is $87M) 509 hyperloops between LA and the Bay Area (Approximately $11 billion per hyperloop) (From Carla Gericke) 1 million seconds is 12 Days 1 Billion seconds is 31 years 1 Trillion seconds is 31,688 years. Homeschool under threat in NH (Nick) (Nick) Proposed bill would effectively re-enact a law that was repealed in 2012 Government would “evaluate” students to make sure they are at or above the 40th percentile Government oppression is the biggest reason to own firearms Man who assaulted Paul attacked him because Paul’s trees were blocking a view of a lake and has tried for 10 years to sell his home (Mike) My vote counted! (Nick) Dublin, NH passes new ordinance prohibiting drug paraphernalia (Matt) Quote of the week “The socialist movement takes great pains to circulate frequently new labels for its ideally constructed state. Each worn-out label is replaced by another which raises hopes of an ultimate solution of the insoluble basic problem of Socialism—until it becomes obvious that nothing has been changed but the name. The most recent slogan is ‘State Capitalism.' It is not commonly realized that this covers nothing more than what used to be called Planned Economy and State Socialism, and that State Capitalism, Planned Economy, and State Socialism diverge only in non-essentials from the ‘classic’ ideal of egalitarian Socialism.” - Ludwig Von Mises Special Segment Crypto investing with Chris Rockwell The Big Question The Big Question: Is this the Chinese Century – or will China stall out like Japan did in the '80s? Praxeum 2.0 Fundraiser drive Social media No answer to our question last week If you have thoughts on the big question, tweet us @freecastpodcast

Nov 8, 2017

Even With Bad News The Kids Give us Hope


Show synopsis: $300 million in Parity wallets frozen. Despite faster technology, younger generations better at delaying gratification. Portsmouth thinks more regulation will solve zoning crisis. Rand Paul assaulted. Hundreds detained on Bolshevik centennial. The big question: Would America have been better off if the US fell apart in 1787? 1861? What about now for the future?

Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle


Engineered by: Matt Carano


Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle


  • Breaking news The Parity Multisig Wallet contract has another exploit. (Matt)
    • Within the last 24 hours a hacker by the name of devopps199 posted in the Parity Github the phrase “anyone can kill your contract”
    • Basically by making themselves the contract owner they were able permanently and irreversibly disable it from sending.
    • We’re looking at ETH worth roughly $300 Million so far. Maybe more - not including token values.
    • Second major exploit to Parity multisig in the last 4 months. The last one in July affected 3 projects and claimed roughly $50 Million in ETH. It would have been more if Whitehat hackers hadn't intervened saving close to $200 Million in value.
    • Parity apparently fixed that exploit but did not adopt the community audited version of their multisig afterwards, which did not contain this exploit.
    • Gavin Wood, creator of Parity is also on another project called Polkadot, who right now has close to $90 Million in ETH stick in a Parity wallet
  • Gen Z and Millennials are better at delaying gratification than their parents (Nick)
  • Portsmouth residents vote on charter amendments (Mike)
    • Charter amendment one increases Portsmouth’s financial disclosure requirements for city candidates.
    • The second charter amendment, if approved, would expand the city’s conflict of interest disclosure requirements to land-use board members
    • “It’s becoming more and more valuable for developers to develop or grow in Portsmouth,” Splaine said Tuesday. “That means decisions affecting tens of millions of dollars of development are being made by land-use board members and members of City Council.”
    • “Someone serving on a land-use board, voting on who can build what and where, holds enormous power and influence,” Splaine said. “It is only reasonable -- and responsible -- for our charter to require disclosure of very basic information, such as the identity of the board member’s employer, and the location of Portsmouth real estate or assets owned. Not disclosing such information can breed distrust in the integrity of that board’s decisions, and cause costly lawsuits.”
  • Rand Paul assaulted at his home (Matt)
    • However, worth noting that the neighbor may be charged federally because members of congress get special legal protection
    • The attack was a shock for the community in Bowling Green, where a neighbor says he would often see Paul and Boucher out walking their dogs on the normally quiet streets. Jim Skaggs, a member of the state Republican Party executive committee, lives in the neighborhood and has known both men for years. He said they disagreed politically, but was shocked to hear of the incident.
    • "They were as far left and right as you can be," Skaggs said. "We had heard of no friction whatsoever other than they just were difference of political opinion. Both of them walked their little dogs at about a mile and a half circle, a nice little dog trot. I'd see them out walking, maybe they might stop and speak with each other."
    • Boucher is an anesthesiologist and a pain specialist. He invented the "Therm-A-Vest," a cloth vest partially filled with rice that when heated can be worn to relieve back pain, according to a 2005 article from the Bowling Green Daily News.
  • Texas shooting (Mike)
    • TX shooter was ex-military
    • >>Investigators are also probing how the attacker obtained his gun, noting that he had sought and failed to obtain a permit allowing him to carry a concealed weapon.
    • >> "By all of the facts that we seem to know, he was not supposed to have access to a gun, so how did this happen?" Abbott said in an interview on CNN.
    • >> Kelley worked briefly over the summer as an unarmed night security guard at a Schlitterbahn water park in New Braunfels, the company said in a statement. The company also said that Kelley passed a Texas Department of Public Safety criminal background check before beginning work there.
    • >> Referencing the armed civilian that apparently exchanged shots with the attacker, Trump said: "Fortunately someone else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction" or the rampage "would have been much worse."
    • >> No one inside the church was armed at the time of the attack, the sheriff said Monday, saying he was not surprised by that fact. "People from this community would never think this could happen," he said.
    • >> "We have to stand up,” Boswell said. “We have to work together. We have to advocate and we have to speak out against gun violence."
    • "Automatic weapons is the first place we start,” Jordan said.
    • Channel 9 asked the pastors if they were comfortable or open to the idea of members carrying guns at church.
    • They said people have brought up the idea in the past, but they want to have a gun-free zone.
  • Hundreds detained in Moscow on centennial of communist revolution (Nick)


  • Feast of the Freecoast
  • Shire Sharing
    • 1) Assemble the Thanksgiving gifts. This is an open event in Manchester. Find the Facebook event here. Meet us at 4 Technology Drive in Londonderry any time between 10am and 3pm on November 18th. It's a potluck and family-friendly. There will be balloons thanks to NH Balloon Man! While technically Londonderry, this address is right by the Manchester Airport.
    • 2) Deliver Thanksgiving meals. On November 19th, we will be going door-to-door with our Thanksgiving gifts. If you'd like to help, sign up using the form below! Deadline to sign up is 5pm EST November 10th. We will contact you by Nov. 17th, 2017. Any questions, use our contact form.


The Big Question

  • Would America have been better off if the US fell apart in 1787? 1861? What about now for the future?

Social media (Nick)

  • Questions for Listeners, What do you think of the new format so far? How can we make this show better for you?
  • Send us an Answer to @freecastpodcast and we’ll read the best ones next week!


Nov 1, 2017

Corporate Power and Natural Rights On this episode of the Freecast we discuss the power of Fortune 500 companies, guns in gloveboxes, TSA pre-check in stadiums, and Hollywood’s power to ostracize. Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine and Nick Boyle Engineered by: Matt Carano News Corporations aren't as powerful as you think (Mike) "Socialism above all meant a horror of the new age: the age of machines and high finance. It was more than conservative. It was reactionary and nostalgic, and in the long march from status to contract it demanded a return to the familiar and time honored world of status." - George Watson, The Lost Literature of Socialism This one is crazy (Matt) Same story from liberty perspective Same story from a liberty perspective: TSA precheck now fast tracks entrance to NFL stadiums Bill of Rights sought for Foster parents (Mike) Ferrier school forced to have students have high school diploma or GED (Matt) The unintended consequences of Portsmouth’s parking problems (Nick) Hollywood shows power of ostracism – but is it practicing collective punishment? (Matt) Events Venture Capitalists: BigFish Learning Community (Mike) The Big Question Are Rights Really Inalienable? Do Natural Rights Even Exist? Praxeum 2.0 (Maybe give this a week off) Fundraiser drive Social media Last week we asked: “Why does liberty matter to you?” @BitcoinNotBombs It is the way to leave the world better than we found it, a reason for being at all. #liberty Question for listeners: Would you agree never to collect social security (despite paying in), if it would exempt your children from contributing? (Stole from Link, with permission) Send us an Answer on Twitter @freecastpodcast and we’ll read the best ones next week!

Oct 25, 2017

News Update: Proposal for Amazon would be in Londonderry. (Nick) 238 contenders. Decision will be made sometime next year The Wakeup Call Crypto-Anarchists Need (Matt) When Prisons Become Nursing Homes (Mike) Sununu asks Trump to stop deportations (Matt) Dash Venezuela conference draws over 350 attendees (Nick) Venture Capitalists Cheddar: (Mike) Monte Crypto - Arcadia As A Crypto Hub Recent expansion of Crypto accepting businesses in Portsmouth NH Promoting Bitcoin as a net positive? Quote of the week “You know you are in too many wars in too many places when even warmonger Lindsay Graham can’t keep track anymore” - Senator Rand Paul Decentralize Me Italy Catalonia Answers from listeners What is the next step towards liberty? Brian Shields: Work towards getting a voluntary safety net to replace a state safety net. E.G. Replacing food stamp program with food banks @chrislopez2004: Move to New Hampshire @m_r_j_smith Taking control of your OWN life and making YOUR OWN self free. Produce some of your own food (10% calories or just what your fav food). Start a business (10% income replacement) learn new skills. Get healthier, talk to and help neighbors, learn about crypto, get out of debt, that should get you started. START SMALL be realistic. The Big Question Anonymous - "How do I talk to non-libertarians about what a libertarian or specifically a freecoaster is? Some of my friends unfortunately have negative views or prejudice toward Free Staters and libertarians, so I’ve avoided talking about it. But I feel like these convos should happen and I guess I’m just not really sure where to start. I’m not aiming to change anyone’s mind but get them to think about it in a new light so at least they don’t hate me. I know you guys have had some success with this and maybe it’s already been covered – but it is a struggle for me and it weighs on me a lot." Special Guest: Hannah Braime Self care for libertarians. Praxeum 2.0 Fundraiser drive Social media Question for this week. Why does liberty matter to you? Send us an Answer on Twitter @freecastpodcast and we’ll read the best ones next week!

Oct 19, 2017

News Jasper jolts to Agriculture Commissioner (Nick) Harvey “The Hurricane” Weinstein paid off sexual harassment accusers for decades (Matt) Healthy Markets - Tesla fired 'hundreds' of workers this week over performance reviews (Mike) Quebec quashes Uber demands, Uber stays put (Matt) Ellen DeGeneres advocates getting rid of taxation (Matt) "I would get rid of taxes. I don't think we need taxes. I'd have boxes where you can put money in. You should get to choose where your money goes instead of giving it and just letting them decide. I think you should decide.” -Ellen DeGeneres Free trade makes people nicer (Mike) “Societies that use markets extensively develop a culture of cooperation, fairness, and respect for the individual.” Sununu won't let state troopers enforce federal immigration laws (Nick),-ICE?template=mobileart Spain imprisons 2 leaders of Catalonia Independence movement. (Mike) Universities riding urbanism wave (Mike) Events Check out your local meetup next Thursday 26th in Rochester at Magrillas Quote of the week QOTW: “Everyone else is still trying to play catch up to this tax incentive we created in 1789 -- no sales tax and no income tax. Obviously the Boston region is a great place to go, but if you’re going to be there, be in tax-free New Hampshire. It’s all the benefits without the headaches.” - Gov. Chris Sununu The Big Question Do you regret voting for Trump? Praxeum 2.0 Fundraiser drive Social media Question for listeners Send us an Answer to and we’ll read the best ones next week!

Oct 12, 2017

Episode 02. Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine and Nick Boyle Special Guests: Jake Desyllas Editor: Matt Carano News (10 min) Change the Voting system, Change the World (Mike) Approval Voting Pence’s pull out price: $88,000 (Matt) Hassan’s attack on Israel (Nick) Supporting argument Counter argument More detailed analysis Heroin(e) documentary glosses over government blame (Mike) Catalonia DOESN’T declare independence, but still on the table (Jake) Events (5 mins) Powwow this Sunday... Feast of the Freecoast (but we'll ask ppl to contact us for when and where)... Special Segment (10 mins) Jake Desyllas of The Voluntary Life Podcast: This Week in Liberty (5 mins) 60 years ago this week Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged released October 10th 1957 Topped #3 on NY Times Bestseller list. 22 weeks on the list After the “Great Recession” Charted #1 in Fiction and literature on Amazon Influence Reason Magazine: Free Minds and Free Markets is taken directly from John Galt Walter Block credits Rand from turning him from a commie to libertarianism Alex Epstein, author of “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” Penn Jillette Ron Paul Mary Ruwart credits Atlas Shrugged as her introduction to libertarian ideas. Even some mainstream people have said they’re influenced by Ayn Rand Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice SCOTUS Jimmy Wales, Co-Founder of Wikipedia ran an email list discussing Rand’s philosophy Glenn Beck Paul Ryan A 3 movie series which has been ranked horribly by critics. Part 3 was ranked 0% on Rotten Tomatoes Rand wasn’t perfect and didn’t even like the term “libertarian” Claim: Europeans and their descendants were justified in removing Indians from their lands because the Indians didn’t believe in property rights Link Praxeum 2.0 Fundraiser drive Social media Question for NH listeners: We've made great strides towards liberty in the last 12 months. What's next to achieve, and how do we do it? Send us an Answer to and we’ll read the best ones next week!

Oct 6, 2017

Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine and Nick Boyle with special gues: Tom Hudson Editor: Matt Carano Segments News (10 min) Sponsor (5 mins) Local happenings (5 mins) Philosophy of Liberty (10 mins) Seacoast History (10 mins) Social media Intro to the revamp (Mike or Matt) News (10 min) Portsmouth bureaucrats poo poo pork roast (Matt) IMF finally figures it out (Mike) NH legislative session 2017: A review (Nick) 258 bills passed into law, all but 5 were signed By Gov. Sununu. The other 5 became law without signature. Positives Concealed Carry Repeal of Commuters income tax Students aren’t forced to go to a particular public school because of geography, aka Croydon Bill Deregulated cryptocurrencies People reporting a drug related emergency are immune from prosecution, even if they themselves are using illegal drugs Firecrackers are legal No longer need a licence to braid hair Wine manufacturers can retail their product at their own wine retail outlet. Chronic pain is added to the qualifying list of therapeutic cannabis and cannabis can be used for more qualifying medical conditions Any data that law enforcement receives from “cell data” must be removed by the end of the day it was acquired if it is not the party specified in the court order. And within 30 days if there is no more reason to believe the information is evidence. Marijuana decriminalized up to ¾ oz. People can play poker in private residences now, as long as it’s indoors. Negatives Dairy Farmer bailout Use of out-of-state drivers' licenses and nondrivers' identification cards will be recorded in the statewide centralized voter registration database. Expansion of food facility inspections at the discretion of the department of health and human services. If the state is the plaintiff it must be brought to court within 3 years Increase in the amount of education hours a drug counselor needs to get a license. (270 hours to 300) State police can enforce motor vehicle laws anywhere in the state, not just on the highways. Stricter voting laws based on domicile Spain police block Catalan referendum voters from voting (Matt) No gun control proposals would have stopped the Vegas shooting (Mike) Events (5 mins) There are liberty events all throughout the state almost every day. Freecoast Festival recap Powwow & Sunschool coming up on Sun Oct.15 Free State Blockchain Conference - Dec 1st @ Sheraton Harbourside Portsmouth Special Segment (10 mins) Living Up To Your Potential with the Uprev Ninja Featuring Special Guest Tom Hudson State Comparison (5-10 mins) California Taxes: Income tax: Low: 1% (on up to $15,700 of taxable income for married joint filers and up to $7,850 for those filing individually) High: 13.3% (on more than $1,052,886 for married joint filers and $1 million for those filing individually) New Hampshire Taxes Income tax: New Hampshire doesn't have an income tax. But there's a 5% tax on dividends and interest in excess of $2,400 for individuals ($4,800 for joint filers) There is no inheritance tax or estate tax Sales tax: 7.5% state levy. Localities can add as much as 2.5%, and the average combined rate is 8.48%, according to the Tax Foundation. The state sales tax rate is scheduled to decrease to 7.25% on January 1, 2017 Sales tax: None $0.38 Gas tax per gallon of gasoline, $0.39 for diesel Gasoline: $0.24 per gallon. Diesel: $0.24 per gallon. Median property tax of $3,104 on the state's median home value of $385,500 The median property tax on New Hampshire's median home value of $236,400 is $5,131. Sin taxes: Californians voted in November to increase the state tax on cigarettes from 87 cents to $2.87 a pack, effective April 1, 2017. The tax will also apply to e-cigarettes. All other tobacco products: 28% of the wholesale price Beer: $0.20 per gallon Wine: $0.20 per gallon ($0.30 for sparkling wine) Liquor: $3.30 per gallon Sin tax: Beer: $0.30 per gallon. New Hampshire directly controls wine and liquor sales through state-owned stores. Cigarettes, little cigars and loose tobacco for cigarettes: $1.78 per pack Other tobacco products: 65% of the wholesale price. Travel tax: Hotel: No statewide lodging tax, but cities and other localities can levy taxes. For example, the city of Long Beach has a 12% rate. The city of Anaheim has a 15% rate. Sales tax isn't collected. Rental cars: No statewide tax, but localities may levy them. Sales tax is due Travel tax: Statewide lodging tax: 9%. Rental cars: 9%. Vehicle tax: No sales tax is due, but vehicle registration is done at the town and county level, where taxes may be levied based on the vehicle’s value and age There is no inheritance tax or estate tax There is no inheritance tax or estate tax Crime Violent crime rate: 396.1 per 100k 17th Murder rate: 4.9 per 100k 26th Crime Violent crime rate: 196.1 47th Murder rate: 1.3 per 100k 50th Government State representative salary: $104,118/year $183/day for each day in session Legislature: 40 Senate (1 per 981,250 people) 80 Assembly (1 per 490,625 people) Government State representative salary: $200/two-year term Legislature: 24 Senate (1 per 55,625 people) 400 House (1 per 3,338 people) Weather LA, CA Avg hi/lo F Jan 66/48 Avg hi/lo F Jul 83/63 Natural disaster threats Earthquakes, mudslides, floods, wildfires and droughts 87 Major disaster declarations since Jan 1953 FEMA CA Weather Concord NH Avg hi/lo F Jan 31/9 Avg hi/lo F Jul 83/57 Natural disaster threats Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Blizzards, Ice Storms 35 Major disaster declarations since Jan 1953 FEMA NH Praxeum 2.0 Fundraiser drive Social media Follow us on Twitter @freecastpodcast Email:

Oct 1, 2017

This is the keynote speech by Jake Desyllas from The Voluntary Life podcast at the Freecoast Festival 2017. 

Sorry for the poor audio. The boat noise was unavoidable and the audio system on the boat was terrible. I have cleaned it up as well as I can.

Sep 30, 2017

Sponsorship message from (Joel Valenzuela) for Freecoast Festival 2017.

Sep 29, 2017

Sponsorship message from Americans for Prosperity Sponsor (Ross Connolly) at the Freecoast Festival 2017.

Sep 28, 2017

This is the Praxeum 2.0 discussion by Mike Vine at the Freecoast Festival 2017.

Sep 27, 2017

This is the speech from Keynote Speaker, Hannah Braime, How To Think Like An Entrepreneur: 5 Strategies for Cultivating An Entrepreneurial Mindset from the Freecoast Festival 2017.

Sep 26, 2017

This is the speech from Vin Armani, An Agorist Sermon, during the Freecoast Festival 2017.

Sep 25, 2017

This is the Aligning Your Profession With Your Values segment with Ken Justice and Chris Rockwell) from the Freecoast Festival 2017.

Sep 24, 2017

This is the Raising Voluntary Kids panel from the Freecoast Festival 2017 event.

Sep 23, 2017

This is the welcome message from Freecoast Festival 2017 by Matt Carrano. This also has the Free State Project sponsorship message from Matt Philips and Christine Butler.

Jun 21, 2017

Interview with Jake Desyllas - Freecast Bonus


Rodger interviews Jake to find out how he lives his voluntary life!

Jun 14, 2017

Portsmouth PD has a quota, they don’t want to call it a quota, but when you create benchmarks that include how many traffic stops and tickets their officers write, and then evaluate their performance based on these benchmarks, it’s a quota. This incentivizes officers who understandably want to get promoted and compensated for doing a good job, to meet these benchmarks, which creates more traffic stops and more tickets. This is a problem and we’ll discuss it next on the Freecast.


  • Portsmouth PD have a quota system
    • Portsmouth city patrol officers claim they’re working under a new quota mandate for writing tickets and “other performance benchmarks” while Chief David Mara said there are no quotas and he’s opposed to them
    • Mara said his officers have been instructed that if they’re not busy answering calls, they should be enforcing traffic laws and giving tickets to drivers who break them.
    • The police union is demanding to bargain with the Police Commission because a “de facto quota system” has been used for their performance evaluations in March.
    • The city keeps track of its officers’ daily performance
      • Number of traffic stop completed
      • Summons issued
      • Property checks performed.
    • Since the “Hands Free Law” Came into effect, summons have quadrupled between ‘15 and ‘16. They are on course to double last year’s numbers (chart below)


  • Tiny homes
    • A Lee resident and Vietnam Veteran who was homeless after his first three years as a veteran is trying to pay it forward.
    • Peter MacDonald Has four “tiny houses” on his property and a House that is used as a chapel.
    • Local government thugs say this is a zoning violation as it is zoned as a residential property. They also say he doesn’t have appropriate electrical and plumbing.
    • MacDonald says he is running a religious organization and says he is doing nothing wrong.


  • Strafford County Government incompetence has FIVE inmates overdose
    • Tuesday June 6th five inmates at Strafford County Jail were treated for drug overdoses at Wentworth Douglass Hospital in Dover.
    • Dover Fire Chief Hagan said when they called it was only three inmates but when they got there it was five.
    • Luckily responders got there in time and they were able to use Narcan and everyone appears to be okay.
    • Hagan said, “These were serious overdoses”
    • This comes after a story we covered here on the Freecast, episode 28 where a correctional officer was caught attempting to bring heroin into the facility
    • No matter how big or small the government is it’ll always be corrupt


  • Food Trucks hit Somersworth this Father’s Day
    • Men love food
    • On a day that celebrates men in particular, the first ever Seacoast Food Truck and Craft Beer festival will be coming to downtown Somersworth on June 18th from 12pm-5pm High St
    • 20 food trucks 16 Craft Breweries, this is the future of NH celebrations.
    • $5 entry fee if you order online or $10 on site. There’s a beer lover’s package and a VIP pass that allows early entry as well. Check out our facebook page or the show notes for links to get tickets for this event.
    • What a great idea this is for father’s day


  • HB 436 is signed by the governor (the bitcoin bill)
    • Exempting persons using virtual currency from registering as money transmitters
    • Last year a law was passed regulating all cryptocurrency exchanges to register as money transmitters
    • Crypto trading sites such as Poloniex pulled out of NH
    • Sununu signed into law on 06/02/2017 and it will therefore go into effect on August 1st, 2017

Local happenings

  • Swarm City Boardwalk Launch Praxeum June 15th 7:00 PM Leave your kids and pets at home.
  • July 9th Praxeum Market


Philosophy of Liberty

  • What is money?


Seacoast History

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May 30, 2017

On this episode of the Freecast, there are more breweries blossoming on Portsmouth’s West end. We’ve got Granite State Progress trying to suspend instead of befriending the FSP. There’s Joel acting as Dash’s MC and blockchain governance as a philosophy. With the history of Henry Wilson, New Hampshire’s only native born VP. Next on the Freecast.


  • New Brewery coming to Portsmouth’s West End
    • Loaded Question
    • Current Bartender at Earth Eagle Brewings, Tom Bath, which he hopes will be open for business in December.
    • This will be the West End’s third brewery opening in a year. (Liar’s Bench & Great Rhythm being the others)
    • Bath says the space reminds him of a speakeasy.
    • “Loaded Question was conceived on the idea that great beer mimics life. Our favorite beer changes with the season, the time of day, the weather and the crew we are hanging with. When the color, flavor, body and aroma of the beer match the moment it enriches the experience. Loaded Question is dedicated to understanding the infinite possibilities of craft beer and making memorable moments with our fellow beer lover.”


  • Speaking of West End, State Street Saloon is looking to rebuild in the West End
    • Recently Burned down State Street Saloon is planning to rebuild just not in their previous spot.
    • The location hasn’t been confirmed but they are looking to rebuild on Bartlett St in Portsmouth near Great Rhythm.
    • One of the signs from the former Saloon was found in fair condition after the fire and will be restored and put back up in the new place.


  • Rockingham Democrats holding meeting about Free State Project by Granite State “Progress”
    • Quote from the reporter: “The Free State Project’s stated purpose is to move to New Hampshire, take over state government and establish a libertarian ideal of utopia.” Strawman argument and lazy journalism. A quick look at says the FSP is really about: “The Free State Project is an effort to recruit 20,000 liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire. We are looking for neighborly, productive, tolerant folks from any and all walks of life, of all ages, creeds, and colors, who agree to the political philosophy expressed in our Statement of Intent, that government exists at most to protect people's rights, and should neither provide for people nor punish them for activities that interfere with no one else.”
    • The Rockingham County Democrats are sponsoring a talk by Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress. “Exposing the Free State Project,” Wednesday, May 24 at 7 p.m. at the Exeter Inn, 90 Front St.
    • Granite State Progress is a progressive advocacy organization that addresses issues of immediate state and local concern. It works as a communications hub for the progressive community to provide a voice in advancing progressive solutions to critical community problems. Hawkins is founding executive director of Granite State Progress.


  • State Police will be having DWI style checkpoints for firewood
    • Yes that’s right. If you’re  heading up to the white mountains to camp, you better not have firewood that’s from Rockingham, Belknap, Hillsborough or Merrimack county. Unless you’ve heated the wood to 160 degrees F for 75 minutes.
    • Apparently there is an invasive insect called the Emerald Ash Borer which targets ash trees in wood from those counties. They can kill ash trees within 3-5 years from initial infection

Local happenings

Special Guest Joël Valenzuela

  • DASH (Digital Cash)

Philosophy of Liberty

  • Governing through a Blockchain.

Seacoast History

  • Henry Wilson
    • Most people remember Franklin Pierce, the only president from NH. Not many remember vice presidents.
    • Wilson born in Farmington, NH in 1812. Wilson was the only VP born in NH.
    • His birth name was Jeremiah Jones Colbath, his father apparently gave him that name because Jeremiah Jones was a wealthy neighbor of his and was a childless bachelor and hoped that he would bequeath his wealth to Wilson when he died… he didn’t.
    • Grew up poor, so poor in fact that Wilson was indentured to a neighboring farmer when he was 10 years old! He worked with the farmer for 10 years! At the end he received 6 sheep and 2 oxen which he sold for $85
    • Wilson didn’t like his birth name and petitioned the NH general court to legally change it to Henry Wilson when he was 21. According to his brother he changed it to Henry Wilson because he read a biography about a teacher in Philadelphia with that name.
    • The same year he changed his name 1833, Wilson moved to Natick Ma because he was trying to find work. Wilson WALKED there from Farmington. Google maps says that is a 30 hr walk and is 89.8 miles present day. It was probably more then.
    • Wilson got a job making shoes. After learning the trade within a few weeks he bought out his contract for $15 and opened his own shop.
    • He was very successful very quickly, saving hundreds of dollars in a relatively short amount of time. There was a legend saying that he once attempted to make 100 shoes without sleeping but fell asleep with the 100th pair of shoes in his hand.
    • Later in his political years his nickname was “The Natick Cobbler”
    • Working so hard deteriorated his health and so he went to Virginia to recuperate.
    • On a stop in Washington D.C he heard congressional debates on slavery and abolitionism and saw black families being separated from each other while being bought and sold..
    • Personally this and being indentured himself as a child shaped his political leanings later on
    • He went to Strafford, Wolfeboro and Concord NH academies to further his education.
    • Wilson founded a shoe manufacturing company that employed over 100 people with only a $12 investment to start
    • Around 1840 Wilson became politically active as a Whig.
    • Member of Mass state senate 1844-1846 and 1850-52, in his latter term he was the senate president.
    • In 1845 Wilson and fellow whig John Greenleaf Whittier submitted a petition to congress to not annex Texas as it would expand slavery.
    • Wilson was a delegate in 1848 for the Whigs but left the party after it nominated slaveholder Zachary Taylor for president.
    • He collaborated with other anti slavery people from democrats, know nothing, free soilers and other anti-slavery whigs.
    • He joined the Free soil party and was elected to the US senate in 1855 for Massachusetts by a coalition of free soilers, know nothings and anti-slavery democrats.
    • Once in the Senate he was very polarizing. At the height of antebellum tension he got challenged to a duel TWICE! By SC representative Preston Brooks because Brooks had punched and knocked out Senator Charles Sumner and Wilson said Brooks was "brutal, murderous, and cowardly" and California Senator William Gwin who Wilson had made a speech saying Gwin and the California government were corrupt. No dual ever happened though
    • As soon as the congressional session ended in the summer of 1861, Wilson went back to Massachusetts and recruited and equipped 2,300 men to fight in the not-so Civil War And commanded the 22nd Massachusetts regiment from late September to late October.
    • Funny Story: In July 1861 Wilson was present at the first battle of Bull Run, just outside of DC. There were many Senators, representatives, reporters and other elites there. They assumed a quick Union victory. Wilson rode out in a carriage with a picnic hamper of sandwiches to feed the troops. However the confederates routed the Union troops and Wilson was almost captured by the confederates while his carriage was crushed. He had to walk all the way back to Washington by foot.
    • In December 1861 Wilson introduced a bill to abolish slavery in DC. Signed into law in April 1862. Throughout the war he introduced several other abolishment bills that were signed into law.
    • In 1872, Wilson became the VP running mate for incumbent Ulysses Grant’s presidential campaign.
    • Wilson supported black civil rights(yay), voting rights for women(yay), federal education aid(boo), regulation of businesses(boo), and prohibition of liquor(boo). They ran on the working man’s candidate.
    • Grant and Wilson were elected but Wilson was involved in the credit mobilier scandal which Wilson admitted to. He accepted $2,000 from Union Pacific railroad to support legislation for the trans pacific railroad.
    • In May 1873, 2 months into his vice presidency he suffered a stroke and was in poor health until he died 2 years later from another stroke on November 22nd 1875 in the Capitol building.

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