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The Freecast

Jan 23, 2019

Episode 05.

Show Title: A Jingle For John Mason

Featuring Hosts: Matthew Carano, Nick Boyle, and Cord Blomquist


Engineered by: Matthew Carano


Produced by: Matthew Carano, and Nick Boyle



Show Summary (used for RSS & iTunes Summary): On this episode of The Freecast, the 10 most affordable list, Pho Keane gets its sign, Dover teacher gets reinstated, and John Mason names NH.

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  • Freecoast Liberty Outreach Meetup
    • Rochester - 4th Thursday
  • Liberty Forum

NH History

  • John Mason
    • Born King’s Lynn, Norfolk 1586
    • In 1610 commissioned by James I as the commander of four vessels to reclaim to Hebrides in Scotland.
    • Regarded as a pirate by the Scots and imprisoned in Edinburgh
    • Appointed Proprietary Governor of Newfoundland 1615
    • Pirates a problem in Newfoundland at the time
    • Arrived in Newfoundland 1616
    • Drew up the first known English map of Newfoundland
    • 1622, Mason and Ferdinando Gorges received a patent from the Council for New England for all the territory lying between the Merrimack and Kennebec rivers
    • 1629 they divided the grant along the Piscataqua
    • Mason called his grant, New Hampshire
    • Hampshire, England is where many ships departed England. From the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton. The East Coast was the first stopping point for people who travelled to the new world. And this entry point was similar between Hampshire and what is now New Hampshire.
    • 1632 Became a member and vice-president of the Council of New England
    • December 1635, while making preparations to visit New Hampshire, but died. Never having been to New Hampshire in his life.
    • Bequeathed his vast estates in New England to his wife and 4 grandchildren.



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