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The Freecast

Jan 17, 2018

Show Title: $250K Crowdfund & Activist How-To Praxeum reaches $250k. Bouldin goes berserk. Irn Bru to change formula due to government regulation. Free State Bitcoin Shoppe refuses bitcoin. MLK dream alive? Civil liberties group challenges warrantless search. Larry Sharpe Reason interview. And a Vine farewell! Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle Engineered by: Matt Carano Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle News HAF Reaches $250,000 Stretch Goal (Mike) Irn Bru to change its formula due to government regulation (Nick) Free State Bitcoin Shoppe Stops Taking Bitcoin (Matt) Martin Luther King day (Mike) Civil liberties group challenges validity of drug checkpoint (Matt) NH forbids warrantless searches here: Selling freedom (Mike) S***hole (Mike) Events (Nick) Powwow this Sunday January 21st at noon at the Praxeum in Portsmouth, NH Liberty Forum February 8th-10th (Thursday-Saturday) Weekly Thursday meetups. Rotating 1st Dover, 2nd Exeter, 3rd Hampton, 4th Rochester Special Segment Ways in which listeners can become activists. How easy it is and also how important. And how forming a group of likeminded people magnifies one’s efforts. Ideas here: