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The Freecast

Oct 23, 2016

Featuring: Host Matt Carano, Mike Vine, Rodger Paxton and Nick Boyle

Producer: Rodger Paxton

Editor: Matt Carano



  • STREET - First Portsmouth restaurant to accept Bitcoin

Local happenings

  • Feast of the Freecoast Friday November 25th (Black Friday) at 4 pm
    • Please join us on Friday, November 25th for the Feast of the Freecoast. This will be a grand potluck, where we sit down to enjoy food and company.
  • Mises Bootcamp – Dec 3rd
    • Mises Boot Camp is a six-lecture video seminar for those seeking to learn the fundamentals of the Austrian school.
    • Admission is free and coffee, donuts, and pizza will be provided!
    • Boot Camp is a must for anyone—at any age—who wants to better understand how the Austrian school can save us from economically illiterate politicians, destructive central bankers, and a gullible mainstream media. Empower yourself by learning the basic fundamentals of Austrian economics in just one day!
    • For more details, visit The Freecoast Facebook page at


Philosophy of Liberty 

  • Your Vote Won’t Count – So Go Do Something Useful


Seacoast History

  • How New Hampshire got its shape

Social media


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