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The Freecast

Nov 21, 2016

Featuring: Host Matt Carano, Mike Vine, Nicholas Boyle and Rodger Paxton

Special Guests: None

Producer: Rodger Paxton

Editor: Matt Carano


On this episode of the freecast…

Letter from a listener

  • Shawn from Rochester emailed us and he gave us permission to read his email over the air




Local happenings

  • Thursday Liberty Outreach Meetup Change
    • Kyle Mohney moved to change the meetup rotation to each town having a fixed Thurs every month and the Freecoasters agreed, so now the schedule is:
    • Dover - 1st Thurs
    • Exeter - 2nd Thurs
    • Hampton - 3rd Thurs
    • Rochester - 4th Thurs
    • The obvious benefit is everyone knows generally where to go when without having to consult the event calendar.
    • Ah, you wonder, what if there is a 5th Thursday like in December? Well, that is a Leap Meetup which can happen anywhere someone wants to host (or not happen at all if we need a break from all this mutual admiration)
  • Feast Of The Freecoast - Join The Freecoasters on FB for details
  • Mises Bootcamp - Dec 3rd 9am-1pm at The Praxeum -

Philosophy of Liberty


Seacoast History

Social media

  • We make the Freecast because we enjoy sharing news, knowledge, and fun with you. Yes you in particular, dear listener. Each one of you matters.
  • But any good relationship is a two-way street. So here’s what you can do to become an active listener…
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