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The Freecast

Nov 1, 2017

Corporate Power and Natural Rights On this episode of the Freecast we discuss the power of Fortune 500 companies, guns in gloveboxes, TSA pre-check in stadiums, and Hollywood’s power to ostracize. Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine and Nick Boyle Engineered by: Matt Carano News Corporations aren't as powerful as you think (Mike) "Socialism above all meant a horror of the new age: the age of machines and high finance. It was more than conservative. It was reactionary and nostalgic, and in the long march from status to contract it demanded a return to the familiar and time honored world of status." - George Watson, The Lost Literature of Socialism This one is crazy (Matt) Same story from liberty perspective Same story from a liberty perspective: TSA precheck now fast tracks entrance to NFL stadiums Bill of Rights sought for Foster parents (Mike) Ferrier school forced to have students have high school diploma or GED (Matt) The unintended consequences of Portsmouth’s parking problems (Nick) Hollywood shows power of ostracism – but is it practicing collective punishment? (Matt) Events Venture Capitalists: BigFish Learning Community (Mike) The Big Question Are Rights Really Inalienable? Do Natural Rights Even Exist? Praxeum 2.0 (Maybe give this a week off) Fundraiser drive Social media Last week we asked: “Why does liberty matter to you?” @BitcoinNotBombs It is the way to leave the world better than we found it, a reason for being at all. #liberty Question for listeners: Would you agree never to collect social security (despite paying in), if it would exempt your children from contributing? (Stole from Link, with permission) Send us an Answer on Twitter @freecastpodcast and we’ll read the best ones next week!