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The Freecast

Mar 3, 2017

On this episode of the Freecast, the most ridiculous job title I've ever heard is the Disproportionate Minority Contact Coordinator. I should have been more prepared during the podcast to respond to those absurd words. But what’s not absurd is NH’s #2 best state to live in rank in a recent USnews list, but second to Mass? Not so fast, or at least not as fast as Jory and Patrick’s legendary skim across Weirs channel. Badass, next on the Freecast.


Seacoast police departments are having a hard time finding minorities to hire, in a place that has a very small minority population. The local police departments make the point that all government departments should reflect the face of their community. So, if there are minorities in the community there ought to be minorities in the police community. They also say that if there are no minority police officers, then few minorities would want to be police officers since there are no role models.

Dover Police Chief Anthony Calarusso says, "I don't know why anybody would want to be a police officer nowadays." We couldn't agree more!

In 2014, only 33 of 478 officers who took the test to start the process of becoming a police officer identifies as a race other than white. In 2015, out of 411 test takers on 9 were black.

Andrew Smith, Disproportionate Minority Contact Coordinator, says recruiting and retaining minority officers is a matter of extreme importance, even in a state as homogeneous as New Hampshire. Why does this job even exist?


NH Governor Chris Sununununu signed the Constitutional Carry bill into law allowing those legally allowed to own a weapon to carry it concealed in public.


New Hampshire has the second highest in a list of state's property tax burden, according to Wallethub. However, the overall tax burden of NH put it in 47th place, with only Tennessee, Delaware, and Alaska having a lower tax burden.


Two men were arrested in Laconia for skimming, which is when a snowmobile skims along the top of the water. One of the men was driving the snowmobile while the other was being pulled behind on water skis. The two men posted a video of their victimless crime on social media, which led the Fish and Game to worry about copycats. The two men, Jory Vachon, 28, and Patrick Keefer, 32, both of Meredith are facing disorderly conduct charges in relation to the Saturday incident.

A Go Fund Me campaign was started to pay their fines and it has already brought in enough to pay the fines twice over. 


NH ranks as the second best state to live in, according to US News. However, this has to be taken with a grain of salt, since Massachusetts came in first place. New Hampshire was ranked third in education, fourth in health care, first in opportunity.


The Somersworth zoning board it refusing to change the zoning on a house to convert it into apartments because three neighbors are complaining. These neighbors are using the force of government to get their way.



North to Port is a podcast and musical album project created by our own Matt Carano.


Local happenings


Philosophy of Liberty

"The Road Map to a Free Society" a discussion. What form of tyranny needs to be overcome first?


Seacoast History 

  • Rochester Opera House
    • Opened Memorial Day Weekend 1908
    • Designed by Rochester native George Gilman Adams
    • Horseshoe Balcony, Grand Proscenium, near perfect acoustics(probably not up to Matt’s standards), intricate stenciling
    • Most interestingly, Adams invented a unique mechanism that raises the auditorium floor at an incline for amphitheater seating or levels the floor for dancing. It is the only place in the United States with the feature.
    • For nearly three decades, the Rochester Opera House was the hub for entertainment: plays, minstrels, vaudeville, concerts, ‘moving pictures’ and elegant balls and for civic events; inaugurals, political rallies, and lectures. Lacking an auditorium and a gymnasium, Rochester High School relied on the Opera House to stage their athletic events, assemblies, dances, and commencements.
    • Around WWII Spaulding High School had been built with its own gymnasium and auditorium
    • Floor moving system nearly dismantled but it wasn’t due to lack of funds.
    • Operation continued until 1974 with mostly Broadway replica musicals as many as 10 a summer.
    • Closed in 1974
    • By 1984 the Opera House lay in disrepair unused. Members of the Rochester Heritage Trust and Arts Rochester launched the first Opera House Restoration Project.
    • The estimate to repair the system in 1987 was $1,220,000.
    • 1997 Mayor Harvey Bernier said of the restoration project, “This project touches the very soul of Rochester - who we were yesterday, who we are today, and who we will be tomorrow. It is a defining moment for us, my friends, and believe me - we will not fail!" $300,000 in voluntary donations and some stolen taxpayer funds and 10,000 hours of volunteer labor, it was finally reopened soon after.
    • In 2007 the Opera house’s moving floor mechanism was failing and was almost closed again for its centennial year. More taxpayer dollars and donations came and it was repaired. Video in the show notes of the moveable floor in operation. It takes 45 minutes, 1” per minute
    • They have events weekly if not more frequent, from musicals, comedy shows, and concerts.
    • (railroad map 1898)
    • (video of the movable floor)

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