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The Freecast

Dec 7, 2017

Pot Cannon & Saving the Environment Show summary: SCOTUS allows travel ban. TSA packs a gun for lunch. US Senate trying to make sure it knows every transaction you're doing. Vermin Supreme sues Concord. Pot cannon at the border. Panhandler gets settlement. Free market environmentalism. Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle Engineered by: Matt Carano Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle  News Travel ban passes SCOTUS (Nick) TSA packs a lunch (Matt) US Senate Bill would criminalize concealed ownership of cryptocurrency (Mike) Vermin supreme sues City of Concord (Nick) Pot cannon (Mike) Panhandler (Mike) Free State Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference Recap (Matt) Events Board Game NIght Dec 30 5-12 (Nick) Don’t forget Thursdays Meetup Special Segment Free market environmentalism (Mike) Praxeum 2.0 Fundraiser drive The Big Question Last week's question: Does culture follow politics or does politics follow culture? (Nick) Rodger: Politics almost always lags behind culture. Two cases in point: gay marriage and marijuana legalization. Harrison: Aside from the civil rights act (which as usual the Fed gov still screwed up on, but that's a different topic) I don't think there has been a time in the last century where politics didn't lag behind culture. This week's question: What percentage of your life should you give to the cause? (Nick)