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The Freecast

Jan 3, 2018

Show Title: Hate Speech and The Anti-Choice Agenda Featuring Hosts: Matt Carano and Mike Vine. With guest Carol Gardner. Engineered by: Matt Carano Produced by: Tom Hudson, Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nick Boyle Summary: Social media censorship from Germany to the US. Wikileaks shows collusion between The New York Times and Hillary Clinton’s State Department. SP 193 a win for school choice. Bitfinex defrauds again with Tether. And Carol Gardner joins The Freecast to discuss the ethics of investing.  News Social Media Censorship Spreads to Germany (Mike) And in the US: Wikileaks Drops Proof that NY Times colluded with HRC (Matt) SB 193 Education Freedom Savings Accounts Bill (Mike) Pro: Anti: The Fraud that is USDT (Matt) Bitfinexed on Twitter or Neocash Radio Portsmouth church is being demolished for condos Events Dover Meetup - Thirsty Moose, Dover – Thursday 1/4 at 6pm Portsmouth Art Walk - Various Galleries – Friday 1/5 at 5pm MVP Meetup - Murphy's Taproom, Manchester - Saturday 1/6 at 11:30 * The Director of School Choice for NH, Michelle Levell, will be present to speak about the legislative push for school choice in New Hampshire! * Melanie Gibson will stop by to inform us about the great stuff coming up at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum! * NHLA bill review to follow Bardo Potluck and Upper Valley New Mover Party Saturday 1/6 at 5pm - "feel free to come early and tour the farm" NHLA Meeting - Murphy's Taproom, Manchester - Sunday 1/7 at 1pm Special Segment The Ethics of Investing. Do we have an ethical duty to invest according to our values or should we simply seek profit and then spend the proceeds toward our values? With: Carol Gardner Prax 2.0 Fundraiser drive Tweet us at @freecastpodcast