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The Freecast

Oct 25, 2017

News Update: Proposal for Amazon would be in Londonderry. (Nick) 238 contenders. Decision will be made sometime next year The Wakeup Call Crypto-Anarchists Need (Matt) When Prisons Become Nursing Homes (Mike) Sununu asks Trump to stop deportations (Matt) Dash Venezuela conference draws over 350 attendees (Nick) Venture Capitalists Cheddar: (Mike) Monte Crypto - Arcadia As A Crypto Hub Recent expansion of Crypto accepting businesses in Portsmouth NH Promoting Bitcoin as a net positive? Quote of the week “You know you are in too many wars in too many places when even warmonger Lindsay Graham can’t keep track anymore” - Senator Rand Paul Decentralize Me Italy Catalonia Answers from listeners What is the next step towards liberty? Brian Shields: Work towards getting a voluntary safety net to replace a state safety net. E.G. Replacing food stamp program with food banks @chrislopez2004: Move to New Hampshire @m_r_j_smith Taking control of your OWN life and making YOUR OWN self free. Produce some of your own food (10% calories or just what your fav food). Start a business (10% income replacement) learn new skills. Get healthier, talk to and help neighbors, learn about crypto, get out of debt, that should get you started. START SMALL be realistic. The Big Question Anonymous - "How do I talk to non-libertarians about what a libertarian or specifically a freecoaster is? Some of my friends unfortunately have negative views or prejudice toward Free Staters and libertarians, so I’ve avoided talking about it. But I feel like these convos should happen and I guess I’m just not really sure where to start. I’m not aiming to change anyone’s mind but get them to think about it in a new light so at least they don’t hate me. I know you guys have had some success with this and maybe it’s already been covered – but it is a struggle for me and it weighs on me a lot." Special Guest: Hannah Braime Self care for libertarians. Praxeum 2.0 Fundraiser drive Social media Question for this week. Why does liberty matter to you? Send us an Answer on Twitter @freecastpodcast and we’ll read the best ones next week!