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The Freecast

Apr 7, 2016

Episode Three

3. Digital Currencies and the Subjective Theory of Value

Featuring: Cord Blomquist, Mike Vine and Nick Boyle

Producer: Rodger Paxton

Editor: Matthew Carano

April 1&2, 2016

Topic List

  1. Special Guest: Darren Tapp and Lisa McGunnigle[Saturday]
    1. Digital Currencies
    1. features great plug for portsmouth.
    2. Toyota of Portsmouth owner Jim Boyle wins property battle against the city of Portsmouth.
    3. License plate scanners passed the house and is now going to the senate.
    4. Parental rights bill stating "providing that parents have the natural right to control the health, education, and welfare of their children," fails to pass as a constitutional amendment in house as it needed ⅗ majority and only got a majority.
    5. Senate passes Medicaid expansion
    6. Portsmouth Police Chief: Uber enforcement coming soon
    7. “Uber Grandma” nabbed 3 times in Portsmouth police sting.
    8. It's against the law for Sea Hagg Distillery to use expired Smuttynose beer,
    9. Portsmouth Police Department Works to Put Difficult Chapter Behind Them

  2. News
  1. [Mike] House of Cards gets economics all wrong
  1. Not Sponsor
    1. Thirsty Moose Taphouse
    1. Music on the Square
    2. TEDx Talk Friday May 6th 3S Artspace
    3. New app helps visitors explore downtown Rochester

  2. Local happenings
    1. 332-D:1 Sunday Work.
  3. Absurd law
  4. Philosophy of Liberty: The Subjective Theory of Value.
    1. Bound Rock
  5. Seacoast History - Bound Rock