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The Freecast

Jan 13, 2017

On this episode of the Freecast, Woodburn wants Russian-made alcohol to burn like a Molotov Cocktail. While the right to work bill the senate is working on is getting libertarians worked up like they jumped bail. If you can’t be cordial, go fly a kite. But it’s not all bleak when it comes to legislation in the free state, concealed carry might pass the house next week. And we got local mills history as told by our history geek, this week on the Freecast.


State Senator Jeff Woodburn seeks to ban Russian-made liquor

A New Hampshire lawmaker is proposing a ban on Russian vodka in response to reports of election hacking. Democratic Sen. Jeff Woodburn said he is sponsoring a bill seeking to form a bipartisan commission that would explore whether to block Russian-made liquor from being sold in the state.

“Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, both here in the Granite State and our great country as a whole," Woodburn said. "The uncontested conclusion by the US intelligence community of Russian interference in our elections requires a response at the local, state, and federal levels."

“Given this confirmed interference in our elections, New Hampshire shouldn’t just continue a ‘business as usual’ relationship with Russia," Woodburn said. "As filed, this legislation allows us to look at how our state can best respond to this unprecedented attack on our democracy and how any response will affect our state.”

Some notable new NH state laws effective Jan 1st 2017

Prescriptions: Medical professionals must conduct a patient risk assessment before writing a prescription. The patient must sign an informed consent form then the request for opioids will be checked against the database in the prescription drug monitoring program to ensure the patient isn't seeking drugs from multiple doctors.

Laser Pointers: Shining a laser pointer at a plane or helicopter is now a state-level misdemeanor crime in New Hampshire.

Urine tests: Selling or using synthetic urine to cheat a drug test now carries a $500 penalty.

Political committees in the state will now have to file spending and donation reports every three months, even in non-election years.

Bestiality is now illegal

Right To Work Bill Senate Hearing held Jan 10th

This is in reference to SN 11-FN.

This is how it reads: Under the law of the state of New Hampshire, employees are protected in the exercise of their free choice to join or refrain from joining labor unions, and it is unlawful for an employer and a labor union to enter into a contract or agreement requiring them to pay dues, fees, or charges of any kind to a labor union as a condition of obtaining or keeping a job. Under this law, an employer may not discharge or otherwise discriminate against an employee because of joining or refusing to join a labor union, or to pay dues, or other charges to a labor union.

This prevents “an employer and a labor union from entering into a contract that requires employees to Join a union and pay union dues." What if an employer wants to have a “closed union” shop. Shouldn’t they be allowed to?

NH attorney general’s office files appeal after Federal Court rules “selfie ban” unconstitutional

The NH AG’s office filed a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court on Dec. 27 to consider the case. The law, which took effect in 2014, made posting a photo of a completed ballot a violation punishable by a fine of up to $1,000. A federal judge struck it down in September 2016 and the state appealed to the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld the earlier ruling.

Lawyers for New Hampshire contended the ban would prevent vote buying and voter coercion. The appeals court said that while voter coercion is a compelling interest, the state failed to tailor its solution to the potential problem.

The House Election Law Committee on Tuesday heard testimony on a measure to have the selfie ban repealed.

Bill to eliminate Concealed Carry permit passes its first test in the NH State House

On Tuesday, Jan 10th the bill passed the senate judiciary committee 3-2 on party lines. Current NH law allows for open carry without permit, but you need permission from your local police chief to conceal carry. Can deny if they don’t think you’re suitable.

Similar bills passed the house and senate the last two years, only to be vetoed by Hassan. New governor Chris Sununu has said he’d already sign this bill.


Porcupine Real Estate

Local happenings

There will be no Portsmouth Porcupine Powwow this month.

Every Saturday at 10 AM Freecoast yoga is back!

Philosophy of Liberty

Is it ever moral to use the state to balance the scales of justice? Should libertarians consider that a win? (is it ever a win to use the state to balance the scales of justice?)

An example is marriage equality. The more moral option is to get the state out of marriage all together. But in the interim our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters couldn’t make health critical decisions for each other.

Seacoast History

Seacoast Mill History

We talk about business and free markets a lot on this show, one doesn’t have to look far to see that the manufacturing and mills played a key factor in the area’s economy in the 18th century. Why are these mills there? What did these mills do? Why did they fail? Today I’m going to try to find out the answers town by town.

Following the great success of cotton cloth production by the Boston Manufacturing Company in Waltham, Massachusetts (beginning about 1814), the textile industry in America rapidly expanded. The "Waltham System" of production was adopted throughout New England, transforming the economy and face of the region from one based on agrarian pursuits to one dominated by industry.

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